Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Can People Change?

So we had a new guy transferred to my job this week, and yesterday i got to work with him.

Now the store he came from, he was actually the manager.... I've heard nothing but horror stories about this guy, and how he was sexist.

I actually had to work, and close with him alone last night.So starting last week, right up until the last person left last night, I've had warnings from everyone trying to protect me, and that if shit went down, don't back down, blah blah blah.

( I'm the only girl that works on the floor, at the moment. So all the guys I work with, are pretty much all big protective, brothers I've never had)

So I was on guard the entire night. Preparing myself to get sucker punched. Which of course never happened.
Actually the guy was pretty damn sweet, and i enjoyed working with him, probably one of my favorite people to work with at the moment!

To be honest I think he knew fully well about his reputation, and felt my " On Guard" status, because after we closed up the store, and were walking to do the deposit, he explained to me his situation at the other store, the stresses of being a manager at that particular store, and staff that didn't give a shit nor wanting to work.

He could have just said that, as a " calm before the storm" cover up, but i felt he was being honest.

In this day and age its so easy to call someone a "Sexist", just because of one incident with a woman, which could have easily happened with a man, and just tagged as an "Argument".

I fell like shit, because usually I'm such a fucking cheer leader, and kind of like an explosion of a welcome wagon at my store for the newbies, and yesterday I'm pretty sure i gave off a "Cold, Think Before you Speak, or Else", type of vibe.

Well I'll just have to go and correct that today.... and stop letting people sway my judgment so dramatically, before I get a chance to make up my own mind....

Uhg moment of stupidity....


Wore my Grey contacts yesterday.
Loved it.

The size is SLIGHTLY to big....
My contact size is usually witha Diameter of 14.2, and the colors were only offered in 14.5..... with that slight diffrence in size, my contacts floated around a bit.
But when they settle.... and even before they

Just the slight diffrence in your eye color, makes such a dramatic diffrence to your entire face.

Point Final : SEXY!


Nikki S. Arrrrrra said...

and my hair type is reallly tight curls too. not cute "i can wear it natural" curls lol. nappy.
if you cant find it in montreal, i got you :)

Brothers Blog said...

I think it's hard but we kind of have to give people the benefit of the doubt. Basically try to wait to form your own opinion about someone as opposed to letting what others say sway your judgement. It's hard to do but I think it works out better like that in the end.

Francesca said...

Can;t agree more.
Usually I'm not so easily swayed, but I'm glad i caught myself before permanently making him think I'm a bitch haha