Monday, November 24, 2008

Freshlook Contacts Review

Hey ladies so it's been two weeks since I got my colored contacts!

And let me start by saying...

I love them a little too much to be honest.... it's been ridiculously complicated for me to wear my regular clear contacts. I think I've worn my clear contacts only twice since i received my order haha!

-Makes a dramatic difference to your entire face!
-Color options!

Personally i find the contacts alone brighten up my face. And depending your color choice, makes any LOTD really pop.... definitely brings MAJOR attention to your eyes. I'm almost tempted to go buy the rest of the colors....nonono lmao

- The diameter of the lenses is SLIGHTLY too big
- The material is kinda of flimsy

- They dry out pretty easily

My regular contacts have a diameter of 14.2, and the Freshlook contacts have a diameter of 14.5. I know a difference of .3mm sounds silly, but just that little difference can make your contacts slip,slide and float all over your eyeball! When i had tried on a fresh pair of my Grey contacts, i was dissapointed! I couldn't blink without my contacts sliding up with my eyelid! Within an hour of wearing them, they adjusted to my eye, so no worries! But even now, i have to be careful if i ever need to rub my eye ( like when you wash your face, or when your tired), because the material of the lense isn't as thick as the Optix2 lenses, they fold really easily, especially when they start to dry out.

Before and after rubbing the eye, just show you the sliping, sliding & Floating action!

So two major suggestions if your considering getting Freshlook contacts, or if you already have some!
  • Make sure, that when you take them out of your regular contact containers, that they are not fliped inside out.... like i said before, the material is flimsy!
  • Do yourself a favor, and get some eye drops! Depending on how fresh your current pair is, after about 6-7 hours of wear they start to dry out, blurring your vision VERY SLIGHTLY.... nothing crazy... but still!

    Here the contact solution I use, they also have eye drops

Would I buy them again?
Even with more Cons then Pros... i love these things, and getting around and adjusting to those Cons is actually pretty easy. And honestly i've looked around at other companies, and no one else has as many color options!

What would I rate them?

HEREs a website on proper Contact lens care & how to.



abs ♥ said...

ive been an addict since 9th grade i was like 14 hahah im now 20! whoaaa!!! love the many colors and that color looks good and natural on you

Elle said...

Love your colored contact lenses...

Anonymous said...

they look pretty !

Francesca said...

@ ABS♥ do you actually need them? I find the actual need for them justifies and strengthens the whole addiction for the color lenses lmao!

@Elle Thank you♥

@Assian-junkie Thanks! I've had somany people think that the grey was my actual eye color haha.... if only :p