Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Good Point! / Shopping

The holiday season is coming, and I'm sure, at least a few of you are thinking of giving out gift cards.
Perhaps you should reconsider....

Check out Beauty is Androgynous' Blog, to understand why...


This is going to sound ridiculous.
I hate shopping!

OK no, I'm sure you misunderstood that......
Who doesn't like shopping.... even just a little!

But the type of shopping i like is:
-Get in
-Buy it/them
-Get out
-Next store

People in masses are crazy, and I have a bit of a temper when people get in my space.... for example the people that just flat out forget HOW TO WALK!?

Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.
Those people who have to STOP, and go in the opposite direction just at that moment..... nearly plowing into your face, and running you over.
Or even worse.... the slow walkers..... GTFO of the way!! Or just simply move to the side!!

The reason why i'm bringing this up, is because the holiday season is coming up.... and i'm forced to shop for people, who i have NO idea what they even want or need....

"What do you want or need for christmas?"
"Oh, I don't want anything for christmas, just want your company :D"


Don't be a moron!
Just answer the question.... Because you know fully well that YOU WANT A GIFT.... because the majority of the time.... no matter who it is... if you don't get them a gift, they end up doing the Bitch Face* the entire time!

*(Bitch Face: What a 5 year old looks like, right before having a temper tantrum, lmao)

So of course by getting the " I don't want/ need" response, holiday shopping turns into a massive guessing game, where you have no choice but to waunder around the mall looking for an appropriate gift..... and waundering means having to play football with everyone in the mall, doing the exact same thing!

Can't just simply do the Gift card thing anymore either.... until the economy gets better....


Oh, and another thing, anyone in the states want to temporarily adopt me, sometime near the date of Black friday??
I clean, the cooking isn't to bad, and I'm a great shopping partner ( GTFO of the way football approach)
No One..... would get in our way haha!:p

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Kimberly Tia said...

omg you're blog was friggin JOKES. I could totally relate... It's like BLACK FRIDAYS -- i KNOW there's massive deals to be had by getting out there, but I haaaaaaaaaate the crowds. I usually have the same shopping mission.... "get in - get what i want - GET OUT"

as for montreal, I should be in Canada for about a week =) - 1st timer and time to freeze my Southern Cali ass off....