Friday, November 14, 2008

Philosophy haul

So went by Sephora yesterday on my break, in search of a new skin cream.

I took Elvie's , advice, and decided to go check out the Philosophy skin cream, "Hope in a Jar".

"It pretty much makes love to my face twice daily"

Lol, how could you not be curious about a product, after that type of comment!?

I checked it out on the website, and the reviews we're pretty much 50/50, it either works for you or it doesn't.... but realistically.... that applies to any and all kinds of products.

Anyways, i spent a bit of time with the sales woman, interrogating her about this product, and telling her my concerns and needs....

Last year...two years ago?.... I found out... the hard way, that i'm allergic to penicillin..... Ever since that time i've developed little elergic reactions to random products that i use to be abel to use all the time.
I used a random skin cream one day, i think it was Avon.... tingled when i put it on.... my skin was sensitive for the entire day... and at the end of the day when i went to go wash my face.... i saw that my entire face was convered in little bumps under the skin, and my skin was very rosy...... Didn't notice earlier because of my foundation....
So.... gotta be careful.... because i'm still not sure what chemical caused the reaction....

Anyways, the woman was very helpful, and instead of going straight to the full tube of cream she suggested that i tried the "Starter Kit" ( Came out to being the same price, to which the cream alone would have came up to, $65-$70).

Also made sure about that return policy thing that Elvie had mentioned.
I can pretty much finish the entire products, and still return it if i'm not happy, with OR without a receipt! So if my skin goes completely ballistic, i'm not stuck with these products!

Heres the kit...

Nice little day and night routine all planned out for you :p

This is what came with it, all really descent sizes!

Plus a freebie, because my points came up to 120, after that purchase :p

Right so last night i tried the "Purity made Simple", "Hope in a Jar, & "Hope in a Tube".... some of the reviews mentioned that all it took was one night with these product, for their skin to complely blow up.

Woke up this more.... with REALLY soft skin... Myam♥

And today, tried the " Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash", which was quite nice actually... followed up by "Hope in a Jar & Tube"...

OMG my skin is soooooooo soft.... Myam Myam♥♥

So I'm continue for another week, week and half, with this little day and night routine, and put a little review later.

Hopefully that review will involve nothing about facial explosions....
And more along the lines of "It makes love to my face" lol

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