Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Inverted Photos!

Slightly Annoyed at myself.
Bought myself a quick dinner at work, on my break.... which i didn't finish ... thinking i would finish it at home... but like an idiot i forgot it at work....
Wasted food.....wasted.....!!!

So as you can obviously hear~
Hope you like the first song... it's my current " Happy Song"

Jumping from topic to topic like a high school kid!!

Ran into a old friend of mine on the bus , which i've known since like 4 years old... if not younger ( drifted a little due to college, and life choices).
Aww Vanessa, i've missed you deeply.

Not in the mood to go into details.

Last JUMP, i promise!

Did you watch my latest YT vid??????
( last one for a while.... i have to keep my title as procrastination queen...)

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