Thursday, November 6, 2008

Took these shots this morning.

Our apartment building is right in front of a river, so recently, in the mornings we've been getting these beautiful yet quietly eery sights.

Tomorrow, if i can get out on time* , i'll see if i can take some more shots.

*Translation: If i can get out of my apartment and not have to run for my bus.... like every other day of the year.... MAYBE i can take my time to grab some better shots, lol.

Perhaps, Saturday ( my day off ) I'll go out with my beloved D80.

~ ~ ~

Woot woot, got my lunch paid for, by my boss today.
Belated birthday gift, lmao!

My boss is such a pathetic nervous mess when ANYONE from head office announces that they are coming over for a visit.
I literally cleaned ( an already incredibly/amazingly clean store) for the entire freaking day!
I'm not a freaking janitor.

Oh yes...

I went by Greich & Scaff after work to try on the Grey contact lenses... ( which i had a FREE in-office trial for!)
They told me i had to pay them 15$.....
For them to WATCH me put in the contacts myself, take them out myself, and leave with nothing.
Which in all, would have taken about 5 mins to do.



The so-called Free trial, was a reminder on how stuck up and annoying everyone at Greich & Scaff is. Just in case you forgot from the last time....

( Kris, remember the guy at G&S, when we we're looking at the Oakleys?!)



Kristalyn said...

GORGEOUS. I wish I lived with you. It's so beautiful. Let's photoshoot it on saturday. I'll try to convince my sister to lend me her camera. :D

Mineral Maven said...

wow that's a really pretty picture!!!

Francesca said...

Thanks... to bad it doesn't happen anymore.... it's so cold now... uhg