Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Kind of M.I.A until 2009

Hey ladies, I've been slowing down like crazy on the blogs rescently, but with the holiday season it's just been fucking crazy!

So no actual post today, but heres some pix from my weekend with the hubby, and the Skype Convo with Japan Man.

More Updates in the New Year!


(Gordon being calm before shopping)

(Me being the Grinch.... before shopping...lmao)

(I look forward to the holiday decorations at the train station, it's always so beautiful)

(We always take pictures of this.... the wouldn't be complete if we didn't lol)

(On our way home.....finally)

(the usual Cam whoring heehee)

(The result of shopping day... maxed out XP )

(My sexy Christmas tree♥)

(All the junk that under it :P )

(Isn't he cute!?)


Spoke to Japan Man ( Eric ) yesterday.
Skype makes being halfway across the world not seem so far. Anyways hes currently in Nishinomiya, Japan right now teaching English in a international school (For two years)... and with the time zones being completely backwards, its right next to near impossible to chat at all.

(Japan Man being a joker.... then again it was 4 am for him lmao)

(His attempt to send me a txt msg in Japanese.... my phone is stupid :/ )


Anonymous said...

lmfao wow your phone turned that japanese msg into something out of this world. real real beautiful pics :) hope u have a nice christmas and new year girl <3

Yas said...

Merry Christmas to you too. OMG I never realized how amazingly beautiful your eyes are. I'm gonna go back to your page now and stare so more if you don't mind. :P Sending you lots of holiday love!

L said...

awwww, how wonderful to see pix of you and the fam! and yes indeed the train station decor looks beautiful!

merry christmas fran! xo!