Friday, December 5, 2008

Oh we go..

Y'know what, blogger is dangerous...
If you have any type of addiction growing, it just blows up 100x!

So far i'm doing pretty good and controlling myself... but i think my wallet is scared of me, every time i touch it, haha!

Skincare: 100x

: 100X

Clothes: ...omg 1000X....yes a thousand lmao.... i want everything, and I'm almost finding a new store daily....! I have a damn sowing machine...need to learn how to use that shit...

Travel: 100x....oh and the urge to move ..... mmmm hot weather myam myam ♥

Interior design: 100X

Fuck! Forget it, if i continue to list shit, this is gonna turn into yet another novel!
Geez, a lot of people have been asking me what I want for x-mas....i should just send them a link to my blog.... haha.... massive amount of ides here.


It's getting crazy cold over here in "Frigid land".... and i seem to have the majority of my body wrapped up my something to keep me warm..... besides my head lol.

I hate hats....or y'know what anything that goes on head....and screws up my hair.... when get around to actually doing it ...lmao!
(I have mulatto psycho hair, the goods and bad of both worlds ( Black & Caucasian hair)... point being, it takes like an hour just to flat iron my hair .... the only people that allowed to touch my hair is me and my man... ahah and some close friends.... on a good day.. o.O)


Back to sub...

I blame this one on you Lizzle!


I may hate hats, and anything that needs to go on my head.... but i think i can find place in my heart for this Myam Myam.

"YES a SCOODIE. It's what happened when a prissy scarf and a fly hoodie met and did the nasty. Like in Save the Last Dance."

Lmao, i don't think that description can get any more clearer.

Ahah my new addiction...

Run Wallet....hide!


mc.lizzle xx said...

But it is beautiful.
I'll model it for you. :D
I just went carazy on ebay.
I'm trying to stop now.
OMG seriously I'm gonna blog about stuff I got today and gonna get tmr.
It's psychotic

Beauty is Androgynous said...

wow. i've never seen thsi before!
i'm big on scarves. i love them. n i love a good head cover i.e. hoodies lol.