Thursday, January 15, 2009

Update! ( No pix again)

Hi ladies!

It's been a while, but life has just been AMAZING!!

Well besides the weather right now.... wth -40... i need to get out of here.

Anyways i'll get right to the point.


( Just clear something up...
Father who raised me : Daddy
Biological father : Dad
Don't exactly fee like writing that every single time haha)

My parents had broken up, sometime during the first couple of months of my birth.
My Dad took off.... at that time my mother knew my Daddy, and he is who i've know all my life as my father. Of course they got married, and well life!

I've always known of my dad, but felt no need to find him.
My life isn't anywhere near a sad story about a girl without her father.
My daddy raised me as his own, and gave me just as much love, friendship, and discipline!
I am a Daddy's girl.... you have no idea lmao.

Sometime last week i had a dream that i met my dad..... the thing that really odd is that i rerly ever remember my dreams... but this one i remembered as if it just actually happened yesterday! It was insane.
That entire day i was determined to find him, i gave up about three times that day, but i always came back to searching, online.

I actually found him at some point earlier in the day... I found a blog, and a photo.... everything matched up.... and to make it even more ridiculous, his blog address was literally his first and last name dot com!
But i brushed it aside thinking that, that would be too easy... which is was!!

It was only later on that day when i went on a web cam chat with my mother and showed her the photo.... Omg what a response.
I literally turned my web came towards my screen so she she could see the photo...
She yelp saying it was him, said it was him about 30 times, because i kept on asking if it was really him and if she was positive...

The second it sunk into my head my moms computer " blew up".... i know this sounds ridiculous... but i'm not joking!

Her web cam completely crashed, along with her mic, her keyboard starting typing in numbers, and the second after her comp just flat out shut down.... leaving me in limbo and panicking because at that same time i have about 3 million questions flooding it lmao.

Anyways, i'll skip the major details, but i'm talking to him right now!
We're comunicating through e-mails daily!

when i have work or go to the gym, i pretty much run home after and stalk my e-mail for a reply... it's ridiculous.... you should see me on my days off... when i KNOW i'll only be getting a response in the evening because of time diffrence between us.... but i'm stubborn and have no patients... haha

Again thanks to the ladies who sent me the links for site which led me to actually find him, you have no idea how much i appreciated it.

Take care of yourselves ladies.
Love you!!


wuzzyangel said...

YAY!! I'm soo happy that you found out what you needed to know!!

BUt OMG how weird is it that your comp crashed!!

Francesca said...

Haha, no i meant my mothers computer... but ya how bizarre.

Haha i told him the story and he said

" Yeah, your mother and i always seemed to have effects on each other like that"

Mineral Maven said...

omg yay I'm so happy for you!!!! i didn't even know that this is what you were going through this winter!!!! obviously been away from the blogging world a lil' too long. well glad everything worked out and that you're happy!