Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Hey Ladies xoxox

Right, so the man and i are going to N.Y.C the first week of March...

And dare i say it....

"It's my first time i'm setting foot in that city"

Besides going to Atlanta for like a day to see a cousin, it's pretty much the first time i'm even going into the States?!

Anyways, we're leaving on the Monday, heading down by train.... a whole freaking 11 hours worth of train goodness..... I think i'll be investing into some gooood knock out drugs.

Is there a train version of the "Mile High Club" lmao ;)

Anyways, we're staying for 5 days... technically three full days because of the amount of time it takes to get there and back..... DRUGZ!!!

And while we we're booking it, there was a whole bunch of lil packages you could take.
So, surprisingly the man took the package that involved shopping for entire day at the...

"Woodbury Common Premium Outlets"

A whole shit load of discounts for my cheap ass lmao..... oh gawd my man knows me too well...


Some people, like to be covered in there money, but me i prefer wearing SOME of it, and keeping the rest in my pockets lmao.

W`e, i love my life :p

Just out of plain curiosity i ran through the list of stores..... and low and behold....
Looky who i found up in there!


Not that i need any more damn makeup.... pfft.
But, i'll sure as hell check out the brushes, and just look around....

UHg looking around is so dangerous.

Well it's not like i'm just gonna ignore this store.... as i'm sure most of you know, us Canadians don't have such stores.... so passing up the Op to see wth is all the fuss about this place.... lol... right.

So besides shopping....!?
The man mentioned something about checking out the chinatown over there.... apparently it's the largest one ine the world..... well i imagine besides the real thing, lmao :p

But honestly, we're just gonna be winging the ENTIRE trip.

  • We got our ride there and back.
  • The hotel is booked.
  • Shopping days is already planned.

I'm not to big for the whould touristy thing, whenever i got on trips... but i imagine there will be some of that... along with finding a Forever 21 to invade!...

But besides that.... ?

So i ask you ladies.
Those who've visited like a million times, or actually live there...


...yes i just asked that... don't have a heart attack....

Recomendations, places to eat, places to go, things to see.

I wants those days to be PACKED!

If i spend more then an hour sitting down doing NOTHING....I WILL go spycho bitch on someone lmao.

So any and all recommendations are welcomed.... NEEDED!

Anyways i need to get myself to bed.... so i can get my ass to work, make some money and then blow it all on this weekend lmao.



Bonne nuit mes amour!


Glamour Me Up ♥ said...

girl CCO= ♥LOVE♥ lol i totally suggest checking it out!!! cant wait to see all your awesome goodies!!! have fun!!!

wuzzyangel said...

Sooo excited for you!! We don't have a CCO down here either, so I wouldn't know what to tell you!! And I've never been to NY, but HAVE FUN!!

DRUGZZ ARE GOOD FOR TRAVEL!! Trust me I know!! LOL!! When we go on our trip to Napa in a couple weeks, you can bet my ass will be drugged up for that plane ride!

Tammy said...

Hey!! From what I know CCS are a lot smaller than CCO. I go to the CCS you're going to all of the time...fyi though it is a DRIVE if you're staying in NYC to get to the commons. It's a good 40 minutes away from me, and I'm in Jersey.
If you go to China Town then you MUST go to The Village!! China Town is great for shopping, the village is great for people watching and drinking and plain ole weirdness!!! Just let me know and the hubby and I will meet up with you guys for some drinks or shopping...we're just 20 minutes away..
Oh lets not forget..if you're going to be in NYC you need to take the 10 minute drive over to Jersey for Mitsuwa so you can pick up all of the Asian goodies!!

Kristalyn said...

Ah! I've been to the Woodbury Common Outlets! It's MASSIVE! You'll love it. Most of the stores are just like designers and nothing is really cheap, just think like oh D&G is 50% off, but it's like 50% off 4523634525$...pretty much haha.

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