Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Update + MAC Foundation

Hey ladies long time no seee!

Life is still pretty all over the place, with finding family members and what not.
So my dad and i are still chating via e-mail daily, and we've even started sending each other videos haha.
Finally able to put a voice with the faces.

All i need to do now is get back in contact with the grandmother.
Shes floating around somewhere in California (Calipornia), but having a little trouble with that.

Mrs L & her hubby helped me out a bit, and did what they could.... and honestly i am so beyond thankful for what you did♥

But i think i might have to look into my pockets, start waving some money around at detectives, and have my grandmother found professionally.

Whites pages and all related sites can only go so far, until i hit the "Pay for More Info" wall.

Wish me luck on that.

And thanks to everyone who sent all the lovely msgs.



I don't think i'll be going to crazy with the whole Mac HK collection that came out /is coming out.
I'm still pretty novice with the whole makeup scene, and reticently with my horrid time management skills, i don't have time in the morning before work to do anything fancy with my makeup.
Been sticking with the neutrals colors, bold black lashes, highlighted cheek bone, and pale lipsticks or lip glosses. I've even been pushing it and flat out not wearing foundation some days.
The whole acne issue is pretty much gone, so i can get away with the whole "no foundation" bit pretty easily.

Who knew that "Clean & Clear" would be my ultimate solution!?
And i'm sure as hell not complaining. I can pick up clean and clear products almost everywhere, and it doesn't cost me and arm and a leg.


My last purchase from mac, was a new foundation, because i had completly depleted my Mineralized satin Skin finish.

I decided that i wanted a foundation with a little more coverage, but af course with my beloved spf-goodness, and the MAC lady recommended Select SPF Foundation.

Now, while the foundation is EXACTLY what i was looking for.... right match, perfect coverage while still letting my skin breath, UNLIKE studio fix powder....yuck...
There actually is a flaw.

To get the foundation from the bottle you have to pour it out.
While this may not be an issue for most people, this annoys me.
The Satin finish bottle has a pump to dispense the foundation, so it was almost impossible to waste any of the product, because your getting proper amounts..... while with the Select foundation.... pouring could lead to dropping... meaning messy, waste of product, and most importantly waste of money.
MAC is not cheap ladies!
Especially in Canada!

( Sorry, i know i'm always bitching out Canada.... but i can't help.... theres just SOOOOO much to bitch about lmao!)

I compared the bottle next to eachother and though that maybe, i would be lucky enough to just simply switch the pump dispenser to the new foundations bottle.

The only visual diff between the two was that the pump cap was naturally taller....
But when i actually tried to switch between the two it didn't work AT ALL!

It actuall screwed on a bit, but not all the way.... and when i actually attempted to pump it.... well it didn't go to well.

I considered just going to MAC and buying a pump, but they told me that the damn pump alone cost $10.... for a peice of plastic..... uh... no?! Goes to show how the foundation as an entire packed is priced :p

Anyways, what i decided to do was to just simply switch the new foundation into the old bottle.

If your gonna even consider doing this.
Clean out the bottle REALLY WELL!

Liquid foundation can actually go bab, so you don't want to contaminae fresh foundation.... boo!

  • Right so what i did, was clean out my old satinfinish bottle with hot water, until it was completly clear, rinsed it out with some alcohol, and lets it sit upside down until the inside was dry.

  • For the pump itself, i pumped hot water through it until it ran clear. Did one pump with alcohol, and pump air through it until no more liquid came out. Let it sit to dry as much as it could.

  • Next, carefully our the new foundation into the old, yet properly cleaned bottle. And now i was able to use that damn pump dispenser!

And your done!

But honestly....
Why doesn't MAC just give all the liquid foundation bottles a pump dispenser?
You can still twist it off for those who prefer to pour their foundation out...

Anyways, have a lovely one ladies, can't wait to see all your HK hauls!



Kay said...

ur so smart :D

Glamour Me Up ♥ said...

lol smart girl...i dont blame you AT ALL..MAC is sooo not cheap..hence get all yours moneys worth..lol

wuzzyangel said...

Glad to hear things are going well in that aspect of your life. And here's to hoping you find you Gma soon!! :)

How ingenius of you!! I switch bottles all the time too!! LOL!! And I still don't really understand why MAC is soo expensive in the other countries?!

I'm still new to makeup too, and my looks always come out simple, but HK MAC just swept me up in it's spell!! I'm weak... O_o

Tammy said...

LOL you are hilarious!!! Mac does sell a pump for this, it's sold seperately and I think it's $3.

Anonymous said...

No point in paying $3 for something that you already have on another bottle and perfectly capable of removing.