Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So i've been looking into a school I'd like to attend, so i can press "Play" on my life again..... "Pause" was fun.... but really is kinda boring, and going no where.

I actually really miss school.... which is ridiculous because I've always hated going to school. It'll be a year that I've been out of school, in August. Guess this year off was a reminder/kick to the face/reminder on how i need it/want it.

Some people can pull off the whole, leaving school and do amazing.... but i'm not one of those people.... and i can already hear the " I told you so!" 's coming from everyone... especially from my mom haha.
But i don't care, as ridiculous as this was sound, i needed this, and happy that it was done.

It's your life, do what you think is right... and if you mess up, pick yourself up and fix it.

"What doesn't kill you, makes your stronger" right?

So anyways the school i had my eye on is O'Sullivan College of Montreal.
It's more of a private/adult ( not really) school.

The reason why i'm saying that, is because the other college i went to, you paid your fees, and bought your material which came up to $400, and that was for your entire semester.
Of course the price can varie depending on your materials, and if you take specific classes that involve paying for outing and what not.

Well at O'Sullivan:

Application Fee:.................50

Registration Fee: ...............175

Fees per semester
  • Tuition Fees: .................1700
  • General Fees: ................60
  • Student Activities: .......15

Never mind the first two, because those are only once, but the rest... 1775!?

Hahaa ok ok, i know in other countries its A LOT more expensive, and you'd wish your cost was that little... but 400 to 1775 per semester....hmm haha, i'm not use to that at all :P

I'm going to be looking into a Student Loan.

Until then i need to figure out which program i want to go into.

Medical Records - 411.A0 (3 Years)
Office System Technology - LCE.44 (1 Year Intensive)

Of course i'm this thinking of what i want to do with my life.
But i just need to start somewhere... choices choices choices...

I'd love to be traveling, and doing what ever i want, but haha need to have the money to do it first haha!

So it's either i go back to school, get a job that will pay me well.... or i win the lotto.

Winning the lotto sounds nice eh?



Tammy said...

That's still a LOT of money, but I would love if that's all I had to pay for school!! The graduate program I applied to is $7,000/semester!!! AND it's going to take me at least 6 semesters to finish!! OUCH!!!

Glad you know you need to hit life has been on pause for 3 years...trying to make up for lost time

wuzzyangel said...

Yay for moving forward in you life on your terms!!

School was always expensive for me too, but I never wanted to take out a student loan. That's just me though. But I went to college for 6yr & never came out with anything other then my AA in Liberal Arts. I kept changing my 4yr major. And I just never finished.

I did Medical Records for 4yrs... that was my last job, and now I still do something similar to it, but more biling. What part of MedRec did you want to go into though? Or Health Information Management is what they call it down here now.

There's soo many diff aspects to it. Especially since a lot of hospitals are all electronic now.

Yas said...

I'm so proud of you sweety! Yikes that is expensive but you know when it comes to education I really think a lot of it is priceless. I really am glad that you're doing it!

Both of the areas you selected sound so interesting! Best of luck sweety! Keep us posted on how you're doing!