Monday, October 10, 2011

Bhut Jolokian

So I've been going out constantly now, spending as much time as possible with my friends and family before the big move. At the moment my most available to chill friends are my beyond awesome guy friends. ( nothing negative towards to lady friends, their just living their hectic lives ~school, work, marriage, babies, husbands aka children, children )

~ Yes, woman can have guy friends, it's called self control! ~

Anyways, the outings usually consist of dressing up, drinks, shit talk and just overall good company... But of course when a group of men's minds mash together into a melange of stupidity... Stupid ideas come out.. Of course!

Yes an actual waiver had to be signed~

Im foolish enough to admit that I pushed for this little event to happen. Last weekend when "The Rim Reaper Challenge" was brought up, I thought it was a joke, just had to proove it wrong.

We were smart enough to share the 12 chicken wings... But thats as far as our intelligence went... Clearly.

I took two bites, I had enough time to comment that I found the chicken dry, swallowed and about 15 seconds later it felt like someone lit my face on fire!

Every single one of my guys friend were flat out dying: one stood up immediately and his eyes were just pouring water as he paced around begging for relief, another just went silent and slowly suffered while chugging his water, the third ordered milk and limes, the fourth didn't actually take a bite, he just tested the sauce and backed out.

My nose would NOT stop running, fanned myself, ate a lime... I can't really describe how maddening the heat was. It wasn't hard to breathe, it was just that it felt as if every exhale should of been accompanied with a wild fire. It was so incredibly hot it was just easier to take short breaths when absolutely necessary while chugging water, beer and chewing a lime slice.

I'd say the effects lasted 10-15 mins... I'm not sure. But what I know for a fact, is that I won't be doing that ever again. It was an experience I'm happy to say I took part in... But no thank you hah!

My boyfriend called soon after, and despite my slurred speech and borderline brain dead convo trying to describe the madness: he wants to try it when he gets back lmao!

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