Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How's the weather today?

So in one word, describe BCs weather: Rainy.

No doubt about that! I was warned about the weather repeatedly, by friends, family and research I did about this province before moving here. So I made sure to lynch my distaste for rain before making the 5000+ journey over here... And I'm actually quite comfortable!


Oh yes, there's a but...

I can't help but feel responsible for the recent bizarre weather. I think I may have accidentally packed some (All!) east coast winter oddities!

Along with the daily rainfall, there's almost always random breaks where it snows, hails and of course the cold... Which, apparently isn't normal for this time of year (out here).

Now what's really NOT normal for this time of year, is the hot +20s, tshirt and shorts weather that happened this past weekend back out east!

In Quebec, it's known for its ridiculously long, cold, disgusting winter... And gorgeous but very short summers... And summer type weather in march... Is unheard of!

Haha! What have I done?!

Besides being a little jealous and mildly guilty... I'm not complaining. Us Canadians know how to handle our cold, so I'll just tough it out and look forward to my first BC summer :)

There's a saying out here, that's rings true:

" If you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes"

Chances are, at some point in the day, you'll be greater with sunny blue sky's and more than one rainbow.

BC weather is bipolar :p

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