Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bye Bye Phylosophy + Review

So as you can tell from the photo, I've packed up my Philosophy Jump Starter kit.
I'm returning it tomorrow.
I've figured out what I like and don't like about this product line.
This is not what i need right now, for the problems i have with my skin.

Thank gawd Sephora has that lovely return policy!

"Hope in a Jar"
(Second photo to show how little i used)

-Nice scent!
-Amazing texture

I've heard so many complaints about the scent.... but to be honest i liked it.... I don't know, maybe i'm crazy? It was light and airy scent, and plus it fades away quickly.... so it's not a scent that chases after you 24H a day lmao.
The texture was interesting..? A little went a LOOOOOOOOOONG way, and it just melted with applications.... Kind of felt like water? Just really smooth, and extremely easy to blend away.

- Not recommended for Combination Oily or Acne prone skin.

Even though I didn't need to use a lot, and was easy to blend, this was very rich cream. At least too rich for my skin.
It made my skin oilier then usual, which of course resulted in new daily blemishes.
I've read many reviews about "Hope in a Jar", and what everyone finally agrees on in the end, is that it either works for you.... Or it doesn't.
In my case it didn't.

But this would be a great Facial skin cream for those with normal to dry skin, that don't have acne issues.

Would I buy this again?
No... It's completely wrong for my skin type

"Purity made Simple"

- GREAT clenser!!
- Refreshing scent

OMG I loooooooove this cleanser.... and i usually hate clenser that don't foam up!
But this stuff cleans every type of dirt, oil, makeup right off your face, and leaves your skin incredibly soft! Unlike most clensers that left my face feeling too dry and.... well kind of like a "squeaky" clean (..... Only your dishes are suppose to sqeek when clean.... not your face, lmao)
The scent was actually really nice too!


I love this product, i have nothing negative to say about it!

Would i buy this again?
Hells yes!

" The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash"

-Nice scent
-Exfoliating beads weren't harsh

This products was nice....
Don't exactly agree with the "whole daily" use part... which i didn't follow...
It foams up a little, and cleans very nicely.
Left my face feeling soft

- Bad instructions
- Price

Exfoliating everyday is never recommended.... no matter how "soft" the exfoliating beads are. Especially for those who have acne prone skin, this can actually make you break out more, and dry up your skin.
Realistically, if you felt the need to add exfoliating to your skin care routine, you can find a brand else where that could do the same if not better for a cheaper price!

Would I buy it again?

"Hope in a Tube"


- Left the skin around my eye looking oily
-Very heavy

Again, another product just flat out to rich for my skin.
Was thinking it would "wake up" the skin around my eyes.... but it's not for that at all.
If you have really dry skin around your eyes, this would be perfect for you ....(Kris)
.... but in my case, no.

Would I buy this again?
Definetly not.

So the end result is, that out of the 4 products, there's only one i'm going to miss!
Now, i'm not saying the the other 3 are horrible, it's just they're completly wrong for me.

I totally recommend for others to go check this kit out.
The price ($65) isn't horrible, and if it really doesn't work for you?!
Pffft give it back, lol!



Mineral Maven said...

Isn't that so strange? I totally have oily skin and yet I love my Hope in a Jar but iono I use the SPF15 one I wonder if that has a different make... and I hate purity made simple or w/e that's called. I guess it's definitely one of those you have to try things. Like my philosophy acne kit, so many people raved about it and i HATED it. it was pure evil... since i've returned it my face is looking ten times better. ahhhhhhhh!!!!

xppinkx said...


i really need a new moisturizer...and i have hear such good things about hope in a jar...i have oily skin like a pizza...

cuz hell i aint payin for no more 70 dolla holla moisturizers!!!

but thanks on the review because that was on my list


Beauty is Androgynous said...

ha i have that expholiator. its okay.
i use it most of the time but i'd rather use honey and sugar.
the price is too expensive for it =/
i'm still trying to finish my bottle.