Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Waste of Money

This past summer I went INSAAAAAAAAAAAANE on nail polish.
Not so much on quantity, but on just flat out ridiculous colors!
Colors that i don't even use... and probably won't use for a very... very... VERY long time lmao.

My Rainbow of COLORS!!!

The little pink arrows are to show the colors i use most often...
My Purple O.P.I is also apart of the "frequently used" list...
And yes.... the first one on the left IS silver, lmao... VERY pigmented!

And with my Rainbow of options, what color did i decide to do today, you ask?

Lmao... yes.... nude....
Plain ol' boring nude.
No flashy colors, no glittery sparkles...

Aren't I just full of creativity :P

My Nail Polish bag, lmao
"Beauty in the Bag"

So does anyone want my vibrant nail polishes that i don't use?


They've only been used, at most.... once!
... And for most of them... that one time?
Was simply just to see the actual color, lmao!

C'mon, make a difference!
Give a special nail polish a loving home ♥

.... instead of my bathroom garbage XP


Mineral Maven said...

omg i would love your nailpolishes. i friggen love neon colors. this summer i got french tips and did a different neon color on each nail... it was pretty intense. i'll make you some pretty eyeshadows in exchange :)

Julie.. said...

I would love you nail polishes sheeewwww...gimme gimme lol