Sunday, November 23, 2008

Laura's Birthday

Yeah so my girl Laura just had her 21st Birthday yesterday, and we went to Club 737.
Not much more detail needs to go into:
-How a Birthday works
-How a Club Works

But i got some pix to show off :P

The Birthday Girl + Me ♥

How she spent most of her evening....

The twins.... Fred and.... i have no idea.... but both extremely annoying when drunk!

Kris looking like SEX!

Sandwich with Kris & Ass man :P

The crowd was amazing... a hell of an improvement from the last time!

The Amazing view From the Club, looking over Montreal♥

Group shot minus Kris, she's taking the photo!
( P.s shot totally ruined by my nasty sweat mark, lmao!)

Amazing night!
So if any of you ladies come by Montreal for a bit gimme a shout :P


Kristalyn said...

hahaha what a creeper (that guy with the sandwich)! So much fun clubbing with you, maybe we should try harder to go dancing every once in a while haha! But yeah, what the hell happened to my hair in that picture. I guess it really does look like I just had sex and then got dressed and started dancing. HAHA. I love youuuu! <3

ANGE said...

u looked gorgeous and looked like you had fun :)

mc.lizzle xx said...

haahaha omg it looks like you guys are partying it up in the bathroom!!
cuz of the tiles.