Monday, November 24, 2008

Montreal Forever?

I have no idea wth is going on, but the urge to move is incredibly strong.

My boyfriend and i just moved in together about 8 months ago, and we talked about what we're going to do when the lease is over.
It's safe to say that we're gonna stay here.
The place is nice and large, rent is descent, and the location is perfect for people, like us, that don't have a car. All and any bus we need to go anywhere, and train... all right across the street... yet still far enough to not have noise. And not to mention the river right behind the apartment, which we have a lovely view of ♥
(And the grocery store literally like 2 second away...)

But the urge to move is not so much to just get a different apartment, or just a different location in Montreal, it's more along the lines of wanting to move out of the country.

Recently I've been thinking the U.S, maybe New York. But we've also spoken about other parts of Canada, even as crazy & far as Australia!

The only thing is that Gordon and I are very much Family people. And we like the fact that we don't need to travel 6+ hours out of Quebec, on a train/plane/car to go and visit them . All we need is a car and about an hours worth of patients.

-His parents are less then a half hour walk away
-His grandmother is like 10 mins away from his parents
-Aunt Uncle and cousins are like an hour drive

-My parents are like a 45 min drive
-One sister (Alessia) is about a 30 min drive
-The other sister (Ramona) and both my nephews are an hour drive
-Aunt & uncle + cousins are like half hour drive from here

( Yes i have Grandparents, but they live in Rome, So that doesn't count lol)

Ramona is actually going to be moving back to Grenada in the next couple of months with both of my nephews. Afterward i realized that if i was given the opportunity to drop everything and move to Grenada too , I probably would, and not think twice about it.

Lmao I told my mother that, and she sounded so shocked.... she's been wanting to move back too, for a looooooooooooong time.
(BTW i'm half grenadian lmao.... as if you didn't realize that already :P)

Anyways i'm going off topic...

... what I seriously need to figure out is... do i really want to MOVE, or do i just want to travel and do extended stays?

If it's really just extentended traveling that i need....
Then the only solution is to quit my job and win the lotery... WHOS WITH ME!?


A pic of me & my hubby, Gordon♥
We're gonna take over the world together.

(He looks innocent in this pic.... don't be fooled!)
(ESPECIALLY if you have a booty, lol)

P.s : Gordon, my damn boyfriend figured out what i WANTED to get him for Christmas!! And I stress "WANTED"!!
He even offered to help pay for it!

You fucking punk, you just made my life so damn complicated!!
Do you understand how hard it is to gift shop for men!!
I KNOW YOU READ THIS BLOG.... and your probably laughing right now.... i hate you XP♥

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