Monday, November 3, 2008

Oops She Did It Again :p

This is crazyyyyy.

This Particular Blog, has to be my 10th or 11th?
Why do I continuously do this?
My last blog, which i will probably continue to update now and then :

I love that blog, but the actual website is a little too pushy.

The whole points system, depending on your writing style, and topic, you have a chance to be featured ( whether you want to or not), and then bombarded with other users that feel compelled to leave their two cents ( On a normal day, they wouldn't have even given your page a second of their life

So anyways, like i said, i will probably continue to update on that site ( due to there is certain blogs i enjoy reading, and can only read, by being apart of Xanga, and being that specific users "friend").

Well anyways.
I'm back Blogger, to your simple ways, and less aggressive attitude, we should have never gone on hiatus :p

Did you miss me?

Oh yes, and hello to my readers :D

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