Monday, November 3, 2008

Talking to Myself

I don't have work today, and i have nothing planned.... so obviously, random posts are a must.

Why is it that we talk to our diaries?
Is there a secret code to how me must write in out diaries?

( personally , i don't write in my diary anymore, but im referring to back in the day, an to the few who still do).

Dear Diary,

Today was one of those days, y'know what i mean.

Talk to you tomorrow.

Peace out homey.


Writting to our diaries, as if it was an actual person, someone who would eventually respond back?
Did someone teach us to write this way?
We're we taught this in school?

I remember when i was younger, i had actually named one of my diaries, instead of just "diary".

Hah, youth is a funny thing.
The things that went/go through our minds.

Yet another of life's Brain Washes :p

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