Wednesday, December 10, 2008

16 Random Facts

So I was tagged by Nana
So it must be done, lmao!

Directions: Once you’ve been tagged, you have to write a blog with sixteen random things, facts, habits or goals about you.
At the end choose ten people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. don’t forget to leave them a comment (“you’re it”) and to read your blog.
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  1. I'm half Italian and half Grenadian....but as a whole "I Am Canadian"
  2. I have to hide my nails from myself, by painting them / covering them with tips.... or I'll bite/peel them (stupid habit) :/
  3. I HATE small bags.....i have them anyways for when i don't want to/can't carry a large bag.... but honestly i find small bags to be useless... The bigger the better!
  4. I looooove Calamari.... but I CAN'T eat them when they still have the tentacles.... they just disturb me to the point of nausea...
  5. I have a scar on both of my feet from when I was 2-3ish. I pulled a hot iron off the table which landed on both of my feet. the story goes.... I didn't cry?
  6. My middle name is Anastasia
  7. I know french fluently.... but i hate the damn language!!
  8. I want to have children (twins...lmao) before my 25th birthday.... and my boyfriend is very much aware of this.... as you can imagine he offers to "practice" All the time -_-''
  9. Back in high school, I was the top player in a "out of school" badminton team. My "weapon" was/is my smash.... I attempted tennis after wards, and was told my swing was to strong.... yeah bitches arms of steal.... but why does my upper body strength suck ass!?
  10. I dislike my glasses.... i only wear them for the two second walk to and from the bathroom to bedroom in the morning and nights....
  11. I always appear "online" on MSN...but i'm never actually there...
  12. The one and only chick flick i actually like, is "Crazy / Beautiful "....WHAT! Jay Hernadez is sexy!!
  13. I moved out of the parents place with i was 18
  14. The best way to contact me is by facebook ( and now Twitter & Blogger) lmfao.....I hate phones!
  15. I have a tattoo of a scorpion on my left hip... SCORPIOS REPRESENT!
  16. I have so many bras an underwears, the drawer actually broke... ( thats what you get for working at La Senza for 2 and half years)
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Makeup Mama said...

bahaha! I love calamari, too, and hate the tentacles. I always get this vivid image of them trying to crawl out of my throat.

Francesca said...

omg... i never thought of that lmao ( even if they are dead ), but now i will each times i see em XP

Nana said...

hahaha love the facts! lol specially the comment about practice! i hate glasses too! i rather be blind and squint then wear them! and i have astigmatism, whatever that is! lol

Makeup Mama said...

sorry for passing that image on to you! I've done my sweet 16 and they're up! thanks again for the tag ;)

Mineral Maven said...

if images of calamari get you think about this... in korea we eat live octopus. just squirming around. you have to take it and wrap it around your chopsticks, dip it in sauce, and swallow :S. I've only done it when it's chopped up but they still move aroudn quite a bit. and YAY :) i will do my randomage in a wittle bit since I'm back. and p.s. shipment was sent woot woot :)

abs ♥ said...

ooh!!! looks so fun! lmfaoooo!!! french is so sexy!!! and im was phoneless until today! but im still a via blogger and aim contact person only! i will be doin this blog i'll post shortly after i tear up this jumbo cookie!!! whoot cookiesss!!!

Yas said...

haha...I kno babe. Ugh...I wish I could speak French. I think its a beautiful sounding language. And ty for the tag mama. I just posted. Love ya!