Monday, December 1, 2008

Bah Humbug

Hey Ladies!

Sorry for the lack of updates.
This week is gonna be kind of crazy. I have a whole bunch of editing to do to the photos from Friday night's show.
The job is always a factor.... and to make matters worse I got hella sick last night, which has followed me right up until now.

For the moment i can only hold down water ( Thank goodness because I'm so dehydrated...), and i'm testing out my luck with some solids right now.... Anyone have any tips on how to settled a pissed off tummy?

Uhg i think I'll need to call in sick to work...

But anyways TMI...

Right , so i'm off.
Have a good one ladies♥

(5:50 pm)

Thanks ladies ♥

Last night wasn't fun at all, i think it might have been food poisoning, or just a massive 24h virus.

I slept quite a bit, and drank Gatorade (yack) all day.

But i'm starting to feel a lot better.
So hopefully it'll pass before i need to call in sick again tomorrow -_-''

♥x♥x♥ You guys are amazing


mayaari said...

saltines/water crackers are usually what I eat when I can't hold down much of anything else. Chicken soup also helps, even if you can only manage a little of the soup part and not the noodles/veggies. Hope you start to feel better soon!

Kristalyn said...

What happened last night?? I hope you're feeling better. When my stomach is upset I usually drink 7up or ginger ale. Of course there's nothing better than chicken noodle soup. love ya, feel better sweetie. <3

bubblebarbie90 said...

Gosh this weather is no joke I hope your feeling better... I hope you had fun late night too seems as if you did.. God bless I'll continue to say in touch... Well TTYL... AMBZ

Mineral Maven said...

oooooh poopie!!! i hate being sick... hope you feel better!!!