Friday, November 28, 2008

Photo Job!

Yeah i haven't mentioned a little something about me.
I'm a photographer.

You must be thinking " yeah right", based off of all the photos i've been posting up here.
But no, nothing i post up here is serious, and literally i took like half a second to take all those random shots.

I work at a camera store, and my second job is actually as a photographer.
I'm an assistant photographer in a company that Laura had actually started up.


We're working on a website right now...

You hire us, depending on how big your event, or request is, it's either her or I that goes, or both of us. And we shoot all sorts of events, portraits, models so on so forth.

Like tonight.
Tonight we're shooting at some concert downtown, for a french rap group/ singer.
Maybe i'll post up some photos later!

Now you know a random fact about me...

(Yeah I'm a Nikon Junkie♥)


Anonymous said...

work it.
i love photography.

DSKNguyen said...

I likes your camera!!