Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Free Mario Badescu Haul!

About a month ago i found out about Mario Badescu.... from someone on YouTube.....i have no idea who :/

But anyways they we're talking about how they got free samples from Mario Badescu skin care line! Just by doing a questionnaire about your skin.
At the end of the questionnaire they recommend some of their products that would fit your needs.

If you decide not to buy anything, and leave, they....being MB, will contact you via e-mail in a couple of days to a week asking if you would like to try sample sizes of the products they suggested for you for free.... free shipping too.
I said yes of course :P

Well yeah i got them today.... finally!!
I love free shit..... i have no shame lmao.
Don't tell me you don't agree lol♥

So seeing that I'm returning my B.Kamins stuff, i guess this will be my new test :p
Talk about perfect timing

Wanna get your own personalized samples?


Anonymous said...

damn girl. mooooooore samples and stuff to review? you know what? i did my survey but never got my samples! i did it like twice! oh, about my contest, you're fine! i just wanted ppl to join if they had an account cause sometimes, people that don't have accounts wanna join =/ but you have blogger and twitter, so you're fine!

Yas said...

These are amazing samples. Please let us know how you like them babe!

Glamour Me Up ♥ said...

girl i got this stuff too!! well they sent me slightly different stuff..but hell yes!! free shit is the bomb! haha♥