Tuesday, December 16, 2008

B.Kamins Chemist Review

Hey ladies, so it's review time!
It's been a little over 3 weeks since I've been using the B.Kamins Acne Starter Kit.
And let me start by saying, i prefer this over the Philosophy kit already ;)

(In order of suggested usage.)

Bio Maple Hydrating Acne Wash

  • Love the smell
  • Refreshing tingling sensation
  • Leaves face feeling clean
Because you don't have any makeup on in the morning ( usually), you can use this the second you wake up. The smell and feeling is so refreshing ,really wakes you up and leaves your skin feeling clean. I'm really going to miss that from this product :(

  • Does not foam
  • Does not remove makeup
  • Pump gives very small portion of product
  • Slightly drying
As you guys know from my last review, i prefer cleanser that foam up.... i don't know what it is, but it gives me the impression that it's actually cleaning. You could probably give me a cleanser that doesn't work well... but if it foams up.... haha i'll probably be raving about it :p

But in the case of the Hydrating Acne Wash, it's not a cleanser, it's simply a wash. If you attempt to remove your makeup with this, you'll probably end up using the entire bottle, and still have residue left on your face.... so don't bother. I have to use an actual cleanser before using this product.... which really annoys me..... i don't know why they didn't include an actual cleanser in this kit... but maybe it had something to do with using tomany products causes slightly dried skin....
Oh and i had to pump that shit like 5 times before i felt i had a proper amount to wash my face with.... i was mostlikely using to much... but iono.... it just made more sense.... and because of that i used to much product... If i got the full size, i would finish it so quickly....

Do you Recommend it?

Would I Buy This Again?

To be honest no, i would'nt buy it again. Not because i don't like the product.... to be honest i really like it! But because i have to clean my face before use, and i use to damn much of it.... It has no place in my routine... would be just a waste of money :(

Bio Maple Medicated Acne Gel

  • 5% Benzoyl Proxide
  • Not drying
  • A little goes a long way
If your looking to fight Acne, having benzoyl peroxide is a good way to go... and if you can find a product that isn't over drying... then it's an added plus. And this product is exactly that. And your getting A LOT in that little 30g bottle.... so if you wanna test this is, then you don't need to worry about running out of it anytime soon.

  • Sales associates lie
  • Be careful near clothes and fabrics
  • Long drying time
I've never had a good experience with spot treatsments, so i have no idea why i felt this one would be any better. I guess the constant reminder that this gel alone would get rid of a blemish in two days....might have been it. Well that two day shit was a lie.... whish again, i shoudl have expected..... Took about 4-5 day to week for the blemish to go away.... somewhat.... But like every other product, how it work with you solely depends on your skin type.
Oh and a little warning.... this didn't happen to me.... but i was careful. Thers a little warning on the product to be careful with this around hair and dyed fabrics..... It may actually bleach them!...
( Ladies that bleach their eyebrows..... please please please.... i don't wanna hear about you trying to bleach ya hair with this, lmfao!.... I know some of you are that crazy :D )

And finally, this stuff take a bit of time to dry properly... even with a super small amount of product.... they recommend to always moisturize right after..... but of course... you have to wait for the gel to dry properly....

Would I Recommend It?
Yes i would recommend it..... but just don't expect any two day miracles!

Would I Buy This Again?

Bio Maple Matte Moisturizer SPF 15

  • SPF 15
Seriously..... thats it.....

  • Takes a while to soak up
  • Leaves skin slightly oily
  • Not a Matte finish
  • Pump gives way to much product
This product may state on the bottle that its for oily skin..... but no.
( again it may just be me!)
First of all the pump gives way to much product..... it may not seem like a lot... but it is. When you apply it to your face it just sits there forever before its soaked up...... and even when it is soaked up..... thats no matte finish....not impressed at all....

Would I Recommend It?
No.... unless you dig the whole oilyness.... yack!

Would I Buy This Again?

Diatomamus Earth Masque

  • Everything! (almost)
My apsolut favorite product from this entire kit!
I loved everything about this product! Your apply it to a clean wet face, it heats up a little... which apparently means its removing toxins, washes off easily, and leaves your skin really soft. Just go try it!

  • The price
The full size of this cost $56 ( Canadian).... which at first gave me a slight heart attack.... until i saw the size of the container... that thing is huge! $56 makes perfert sense..... and it would take you literally FOREVER to finish the full size. I've been using the masque almost twice a week for a little over three weeks.... with the microscopic demo sized container...and i've barely used anything!

Would I Recommend It?
YES!..... no seriously... go buy a sample one now..... seriously........

Would I Buy This Again?
Of Course!..... well after the holiday season lmao!


Anonymous said...

good review! glad you like the products! i have a contest on my blog. go join it!

Mineral Maven said...

ugh i've completely given up on all acne products that come in a kit. to be quite honest i'm just so over it. i read somewhere i think this month's cosmo that those with acne in their 20's tend to over try numerous products to find something that works. sooo i gave up. i'm just using neutrogena cleaners/intensive mask. it's fuc-in awesome. and then clean & clear spot treatment. i think i've just come to terms with my face. no not really i'm thinking about getting blue light laser surgery for my scars... whooooaaaa

p.s.~ i write really long comments and ur mailman's a trans. whore :( not cool!