Monday, December 8, 2008

Friday & Saturday (5th & 6th) Photo heavy!

Hey Ladies!

So yeah lack of blogs recently.... but I've been a cam fiend... not sleeping... and drinking way to much... :/
Now to share all of that junk with you!
Oh you know your excited!!

Friday December 5th

So a really close guy friend of mine from high school, just had his 21st birthday... and naturally we needed to celebrate it. And seeing that it was his choice what to do, we went to a pud downtown, "Brutopia".
I'm not really big on the whole pub scene, but this place was actually really nice!
Three floors, three different pub styles.

  • Main floor, was the classic pub scene, live music, alcohol spilt everywhere and a shit load of people.
  • Top floor, was more of a lounge area with rock/pop/rap type of music.
  • Bottom floor, was a little more trendier, with techy type of music.... but naturally this area was dead.... its a freaking pub!

(Birthday Boy, Kris and Me)

(The idea if they had a name or not, but they we're surprisingly pretty good!)

(They brew their own beer at this place, so you got some pretty interesting and amazing flavors going on!)

( Me and Kris doing the classic bathroom MySpace cam whoring session, lmao)

( Yes! Shes wearing SHORTS....SHORTS!!! WTF!! Your crazy but i love you, so it's ok ahah)

(Obviously the end of the night....Honestly....don't ask...)

Saturday December 7th

Yeah so this night was just completly random....
There was no purpose to this night.... i originally didn't want to even go.
But had a blast in the end.

Honestly how can you go wrong with chilling with your friends....staying IN! ( Which means less money being spent on going to bars, on so forth)

We had fondue for dinner and for the first dessert.... yes first we had two.... lmao
.... but for some reason i forgot to take photos of the fondue part.... but trust me it was DE-LISH!

(Of Course....)

( My man & I being idiots haha. And look at my hair, all fuzzy and shit.... uhg i need to get it relaxed -_-")

( Don't ask... just be amused or disturbed lmao)

(There's actually a 7 mins video to go with this.... i'll upload it soon... lmao)

( They seem like a calm couple eh?)

( Lmao... not at ll.... these two are quite the extroverts lmao. First photo is an example of something similar to the "Wheel barrel"... go on... grab ya man and go test it out.... you never know you mind end up liking this one.... while building your upper body strength LMAO!....)

(Photo from

(And the second one? I have no idea.... but it look like hes holding her by her nipples :p)

( The second dessert....yes it was.....mmmmmMMMMmm... ;0 )

( Diffrent uses for ribbon.... lmao.... yeah that night....was uhm..... "INTERESTING" to say the least)

Yeah so that is my excuse for being M.I.A
Enjoy my madness

P.s: I made macaroni pie for the first time yesterday night.....
Turned out sooooooooo amazingly good....
And as you can see.... i don't know how to measure.... lmao
But it turned out so well.... trust me neither I or Gordon are complaining ;)

(Myam Myam)


Kristalyn said...

Ooh great blog Franny! Looks like you guys had fun with Jordan and Michelle ahaha! It was soo fun hanging out last weekend, we should totally do that again sometime soon. :)

mc.lizzle xx said...

omg looks like you had quite a fun night!
i see you rockin those.. whatre they called.. OH YAH