Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hang up and try again later...

Uhg can't stand people who call you, or start talking to you on a chat...and have NOTHING to say...

Person: Hey!
Me: HI!
P: How are you?
Me: Me? I'm doing pretty good, keeping busy, you?
P: Good ...good
Me: Ok
P: (5 mins later) Yeah
Me: ...
P:(5Mins later) Yah so hows work??
Me: *signs off*

UHg if you have nothing to say...
Then don't say anything AT ALL! :P!
Why do people do that!?
I hate talking on phones for that exact reason!!


Anyways, I'll update with an actual update in the REALLY near future (+ a ton of pix!).
Just been hella busy, but i have a day off coming up soon lmao.

Who else joined Lady L's Beauty Blogger Secret Santa?!
I'm so excited!!

Night ladies

P.s ASS N TITTIES!...Oh you know i did lmao ;P


Anonymous said...

hello, i think your blog is cool. I'm following you =]

Yas said...

LMAO...yea...leave it to the socially challenged to make ur day!

L said...

*does a quick booty shake*


you want me to kick or ban tha dumb ass that IM'd you? lol

You missed it... today, someone said they were going to kill my hub, rape me and kill me. WTF?! LOL Oh yea, and that ima stupid bytch. I think I got him mad cuz I started taunting him.... LOL