Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Something to look forward to, this summer...

....Besides the heat coming back of course! ;p

Excited to actually take some of my well earned hard cash and waste it on a theater, instead of downloading that shit and watching it as many times as i wanted, lmao!
Maybe i'll go crazy and go see it in IMAX !

I'm so excited!!!!

Glade to see that they brought back Vin Diesel's sexy ass♥
And Michelle Rodriguez continues to be one of my favorite bad ass girls on the big screen.

June 12 2009!


Tammy said...

I'm really looking forward to this Michelle Rodriguez!!!
My hubby thinks I'm crazy, but she is BAD!!

wampaku said...

I am so excited for this movie! finally they got some sense knocked into them and are brining bag the originals (though tyrese rocked) anywa yeah Michelle kicks ass especially in Crush...she rocks hard!