Thursday, February 26, 2009

Job Hunting / Blog Vomit

Ok job hunting officially sucks.

Reality is i need to get my ass back into school, and find myself a non dead end job.

Well to go the school i want to right now, i need to come up with 35 hundred $$, to even get accepted.... I do not currently have 35 hundred dollars to just give away like that right now.

I have right up until august 23 to scrape up the molla and give it away lmao.
So what am i doing Job hunting!!
Because my piece o shit dead end job right now just isn't cutting it.


I've been giving out my cv left right and center, kinda feel like a dirty whore.... i have no idea why, but thats what i keep thinking to myself with i give someone my cv, or when i fill in a online application. Mind you these are all good jobs.... nothing dirty or whore-ish about them lmao.

K wow i have no idea where this is going.
How bout i end it here, and we just call this "Blog Vomit".

I apologize lmfao.


Yas said...

Its OK girl because you needed to vent. That surely is frustrating as hell. Sending love mamas.

Francesca said...

Thanks Yas♥

wuzzyangel said...

I know how fustrating it can get! I've been there! :(

I hope you're able to find a great paying job soon, cuz you are such a smart chica who deserves it!! :)