Thursday, February 19, 2009

New Hair Color

So just finished dyeing and straightening my hair.

I love this color.
I picked up the Clairol Nice n Easy Perfect 10, in Dark Blond.

I didn't want to be blond.... uhg.
My natural hair is just so dark, that for anything to show up i need to go for some of the... crazier/brighter colors.

I left it in for about 25 minutes.
The instructions say you only need it for 10 minutes..... well... that would make sense if you we're blond.
So i left it in longer, so it could suck up more color.

Some people may say, that keeping it in longer doesn't do anything.... well WRONG!
Tried it... by actually following the instruction..... might as well have just spat in my hair, and hoped for better results.


A waste of 12 bucks...

Wow Vent!... My bad :p

Anyways here are the before and after shots.
It's subtle, yet still noticeable... especially in the light!
I love it♥



Right.... so I'm exhausted.
Night ladies xoxox♥


♥ Kendall ♥ said...

It's a pretty color, but not a change. If you want to go lighter your going to need to Fereia by Loreal, or to to Sally's & pick your color and get the instructions for the developer. Next week I'm going to attempt to color black hear to a dark/chocolate brown

Francesca said...

haha, i know i can be so careful sometimes.
But honestly... when i get a chance i'll take a photo outside in proper lighting, because these photos do no justice to the actual color :p

Can't wait to see yours ♥

wuzzyangel said...

I like it! I'm dying my hairs soon too! I like to use the Loreal Preference for True Brunettes. I like Light Ash Brown this time around.

Hey I leave hair color in for like 35 min!! 10 mins don't do shizz!!

You look gorgeous!

Yas said...

It just warms up your complexion! Love how it turned out. The warmth really makes your skin look like its glowing. I love it!

Go get some sleep now hun!

Francesca said...

Thanks ladies ♥

Tammy said...

Gorgeous!! I always dye my hair my own way

L said...

i like the subtle change fran! i been tryin to go lighter lil by lil but tha box stuff aint workin so ima hit tha salon soon. ima go for the true, milk choco brown. i need a professional to color this'weed hair i got right now! LOL


mayaari said...

the new color looks great on you! I'm the same way with home kits - if they say 25 minutes, I keep the dye in for close to an hour, and even then you can really only see it in the light =P