Monday, March 9, 2009

New York: Day 4 & 5

So day 4 was our Woodbury Outlet Day.

It was also suppose to be the day we went to Mitsuwa and met up with Tammy.
But we couldn't meet up with Tammy in the end.
Originally because Gordon and I we're just flat out exhausted... but later on it turned out to be a REALLY good thing that we canceled.
The traffic coming back from NJ was ridiculous.

According to Tammy we have just hit the prime time for all the workers leaving work.
Our shuttle bus had only taken 45 mins to get from NY to NJ..... but it took about 2 and half hours from NJ back to NY!
So needless to say it would have been WAY to late to meet up with Tammy and her Hubby, chill and then hed back to the hotel at a proper time to be awake for 6:30 the next morning.

Sorry again Tammy :(

So i was finally introduced to a CCO.... technically a CCS but w`e....
Would you believe me if i said i bought absolutely nothing!
Well believe it..... nothing in there really caught my eye.... there was a ton of single eyeshadow from all brand but mainly from MAC..... but i am so turned off by the idea of single eyeshadow.... Palettes are the way to go.

Even my boyfriend was like "WTH" when i walked out of there with nothing.

To be honest the entire woodburry outlet did nothing for me.
I got two work shirts from Banana republic, and got got me nike sweatpants.... But it was really The Man that hadd the massive haul!

He got like 5 shirts from Van heusen, 3 or 4 shirts from Nike.
Way to go Gordon, you show the ladies how its suppose to be done ahaha!

And thats it!
We got back so late from Woodbury due to traffic there really wasn't much else to do.
Boo hoo bye bye NY :P

Next day...
Oh the joys of yet another 11 hour train trip.

What i miss the most since i've been back?
Back to work tomorrow... lets see if i remember how to speak french ahaha!

Anyways im out!!
Goodnight ladies♥


sharon said...

palettes are way more awesome than single eyeshadows.what kinda palettes do you own?coastal scents?

oh and thanks for subscribing back to my blog! :)

your header picture is awesome btw

wuzzyangel said...

LOL Gordon & you are too funny!! Love you guys!

I hear ya on the CCO! I finally got to go to one in Napa & I bought NOTHING!! LOL!! Oh well! Next time maybe..

Francesca said...

Sharon: I don't have any palette yet haha. Just assuming it would be better heehee. But Cs would be my first choice when i do switch over♥

WUZ:Lmao everyone says that, i think we're just insane lmao!

But i was so dissapointed about CCO... really dunno what the big hype is about anymore... :(
But anyways that a good thing for my wallet lmao!

Tammy said...'s ok!! At least you saved your wallet some pain...not sure that would have been the same story at

Yas said...

CCO's are so funny like that. Each one seems to totally have different things and some trips I come back empty handed too babe. I haven't been to Woodbury in ages! Still snowy I see! Sending you love hottie!

♥ Kendall ♥ said...

Ohh, there's nothing at the Woodbury CCO bc I went there in February & bought it all. I'm SORRY!!! No seriously, I hauled like a mutha there.
I only live an hour from the outlets and I've only been once.

Francesca said...

lmfao kendall♥