Monday, March 9, 2009

New York: Day 3

Alright, so day 3 was pretty simple.

All the walking we did yesterday.... all that junk about how we could have walked for another 5 hours...
Well we felt the pain today.
Our feet we're killing us!

But we got our asses out of bed, and headed down to Madame Tussauds.....
First time I've ever been to a wax museum..... and I've wanted to go to one for EVER!!!!

It was actually really cool...
But creepy at the same time.

Each room feels super packed full of people... but when you looked closely there was only like 9 people in there... and the rest we're all wax statues!

We also checked out China Town..... Apparently the biggest one there is.... next to the real thing.. China..j
Well The Man and I we're NOT impressed.... it was so messy and nothing authentic about it.
Fake designer bags and Pashmina scarfs literally EVERYWHERE!!
When we got there and walked around canal Street for about 10 minutes we looked at each other and almost turned right around and left.

But we took the time to figure out how to get there and we we'rent going to leave without nothing. Walked around a bit more, and went into one fo the back streets and a really good clean bubble tea shop.

I got the Balck Milk Tea With tapioca.... my favourite, and Gordon got the Strawberry Juice with tapioca.

He also picked one of the teas where it's a flower then blooms when you make your tea with it.
tried it.... soo good and can last the entire day!

Our hotel room..... so alluring after today!


Tammy said...
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Tammy said...

I'm not a fan of Canal Street either, but there's this side st you can go down that has a ton of little beauty stores and bigger stores to shop..forgot the name.. =(

Too bad you came when it was cold..canal street is more exciting when it's warm out..

You and the hubby are so cute!!

wuzzyangel said...

You guys are sooo cute!! LOL!! And wax museums scare me yet facinate me at the same time!! I love all the poses you and G did with the statues!!

Props for walkin in the heels!! :D

Francesca said...

Tammy: Boo now i wish we explored a bit, but we left right after bubble tea ahaha.

WUZ: Haha as long as you keep moving, the heals won't bother.... but i won't be testing that shi~ at work ahah ;)

mayaari said...

aww, you should have gone to the little restaurant near the church on canal...the wait staff is rude and hurried but I love the food there, especially if you can get there when they're serving dim sum :)