Monday, March 9, 2009

New York: Day One

I am never never taking a train again, for a trip over 4 hours!!
Never ever never ever EVER!

Driving to New York usually is only like 5-6 hours.... but Gordon and I decided we didn't want to drive in New York... especially with it being our first time there.

The plane, would have been a better choice, but the whole " Going to New york" thing was so last minute, we didn't really bother looking at planes.

And anyways a couple of months back we we're checking out long distance train trips.... see'ing that we've never gone traveling by train, and we wanted to try something new. PLUS it was on 62 bucks each!?
11 Hours....

.... Well like i said...


And plus Ms. Red had to come along for the ride to..... can't stand that bitch... always seem to want to tag along at the wrong times.

But there is a plus side.
The day that we left was the same day as the "so called" snow storm. All buses and planes heading for New York we're canceled.... so all the lucky train People we're the only ones heading down there that day yeeeah♥

The views were nice, but weather was.... well not..

I love this photo of Gordon and I.... i didn't know we could pull of "Normal" ahah

The Exit of the train was FULL of snow!

The snack bar in the hotel room was jokes though!
You move anything for more than 20 sec, and you'll get charged for it lol.
The prices we're unrealistic too!
That tiny box of gummy bears.... was 7 Bucks..... The nuts.... 10bucks each?!
And who knows how long those things have been there for.... because you know no one is gonna buy that on purpose... damn.

Moi being me, about to jump into the hot bath.

So day one was purely dedicated to traveling, and nothing else.
When we got to the hotel, we we're so exhausted.
Took a bath and went to bed.

End of day one... so exciting :p


Tammy said... least u made it in 1
A major NY rule..if u can walk there..then walk!! Even if it's far you can usually get yourself to your location quicker than a taxi can..

wuzzyangel said...

Aww you did a vid for us!! I wish I thought of that!! :D

I think I'm gonna do my post like yours.. by days.. seems better!

LOL @ that pic of all the snow in the door!! That is insane!!