Monday, March 9, 2009

New York : Day Two

My shoe choice for the trip was my spring boots... which has a pretty decent heal.

And day two showed me how long i can run around with heals.... and i have to say, i am damn impressed with myself lmao.

Gordon said we walked a little over 10 and half miles that day.
That ten and half miles took up most of our day, starting around 11:30am to around 9 pm.
The only reason why we headed back home, was because our wallets we're cussing us out, we we're hungry, and NY air is just unfriendly at night.... almost impossible to breathe.

The Man got a hair cut/shave & Facial at the salon in the hotel.... looking all awake and happy.... while i look exausted and lookin' like i should be climbing back into bed ahah.

Mi Amore~♥

The Rock center... or as The Man put it best " The Big Penis" lmao

But i'm quite surprised to say, that it wasn't due to our feet being tired.
Haha i'm pretty sure we could have continued walking for like another 5 hours ahaha.

Even though Gordon and I decided that we we're gonna go shopping only on the last day... it didn't turn out that way....

Cheesin' it lmao

Did some hauling... especially when i was introduced to Bakers & Forever 21.

Saw these shoes on Loveelee, and just HAD to get them.
But when i walked into Bakers and saw the beige version..... LOVE AT FIRTS SIGHT!

One of the new 5 leggings i got....
I had no patients for that store.... messy and chaotic.... i tried on some stuff for sizes...
But from now on i'm just gonna order my shit from F21 online....

Gordon's new cologne... smells like sex.... well how sex should smell lmao.

The damage of the day.

And honestly... Who's idea was to put a Starbucks and a H&M at EVERY SINGLE STREET CORNER!?


But besides shopping today, we checked out the infamous Sex Museum.
Which i totally recommend everyone check out, learn some new things, and have some shits and giggles :P

People in there were super quiet and up tight, but when i started fingering and groping the sex dolls, taking pictures and recording random things, people started breathing and loosening up.
Ahah, i thought people from New York we're more outgoing.... guess most of the people in there must have been tourists.

The Man couldn't stop cracking up about this lmao.
Anal plug with a tail " You can have a tail!" LMFAO.


!? My thoughts exactly.

Free condoms from the Sex Museum ;)


marnibarney said...

First time lurker here. LoL. Can I just say you guys are adorable? And the butt plug with the tail. Hahaha. Nice.

Tammy said...

Did you touch the real doll..?? It's so weird how real it
btw--I don't have the patience for most F21 either, there's only 1 here in NJ that I truly's always so neat & clean.

Francesca said...

Well then i need to visit that one.
LMAO long distance trip for F21.... nah that would be ridiculous, I think we would HAVE to actually meet up the next time, if i go anywhere near the states again :)

wuzzyangel said...

LOL!! How funny was that vid!! Feels real!! LOL!!

Dang looks like you had a great time!! Shopping galore too!! And you and Gordon are soo cute in all the pics!! 'cheese' & I are boring compared to ya'll!! ;)

Now I HAVE to get to NYC someday!

Francesca said...

NYC is just dangerous on your wallet. I say just go down with a specific amount of cash, and leave your cards at home ahaha