Thursday, May 21, 2009

Am I Back? Yes, No, Maybe?

Hey ladies and gents.

Back from the dead, but only for a moment.

Life has been literally all over the place, but i'm surviving.

For those who don't already know, the man and i broke up.
Won't go into details, but i moved out last sunday.

I'm sharing the new place with other 5 roomies in a large 5 1/2.
3 girls including me, and 3 guys.... we're like the freakin cast of "Friends".
I like it here, everyone is pretty chill, gets along well, just if your not use to sarcasm and take everything to close to heart you won't last a day.

Best part is that, because everyones work hours are all over the place, it;s extremely rare for there to be any type of fighting over the shower lmao..... seriously that was my only concern coming in here..... my shower in the morning is like a fresh pot of coffee to everyone else.... im like the angel of death before it and you really don't want to get in my way until after in taken my shower :P

This summer should be pretty interesting, theres already plans being made for a road trip to north carolina, renting a house for a weeks, 5 min away from the beach. Summer can't be summer without a beach lmao.

Besides that, everything else is pretty chill, still job hunting here and there, should be getting a call back this friday. A co worker of mine is hooking me up with a job at the airport, so im crossing my fingers for that. Either way if nothing new comes up, everything is still good, my current job gave me a descent raise, so i don't mind staying with them for a while longer until something really worth my while comes up.

Anyways, keeping this pretty much short.
Im probably gonna be mostly MIA for a while it's rare that i get to just chill on the comp like this now.... haha not to mention that fact that this isn't even my comp... my friends macbook to be more precise.... my pc has been down for the count since i moved in... iono the monitor is just being stupid.

Ok so im out.
I've got the place to myself for a while, and it gorgeous outside.
Gonna go work on my tan on the balcony :D




wuzzyangel said...

Glad to hear you're alive and well!! Hope everything is A-OK Tip-Top shape for you though!

Wowo that's a lot of roomies! LOL! I don't know if I could deal with that many peeps! LOL!

JobSearchNinja said...

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mayaari said...

hmm...north carolina, 5 minutes from the beach? Outer Banks? luuuuuuv going to OBX in the summer