Thursday, June 4, 2009

Random, but wth... why not

More of a warning for those who drive in, near, around Montreal....

Out of pure spontaneity and slight push from friends and fam, i signed up for driving school today.
I start next Tuesday... the theory classes.... yeah yeah i may be just sitting in the class, but chaos will begin anyways ;)

Nah but seriously, i need to get this over and done with, i don't know whats up with the women in my family, but they don't get their licenses until around their 40s or 50....
One of my sisters made a dent in history by getting hers at 29? 30? somewhere around there but still.

So thats it, i'm gonna make that slightly deeper dent in my women's family history and go for it in my early 20..... oh the excitement is so unbearable....

Honestly i could care less, i've survived this long on public transport, i don't see what the big deal is, but i guess its something that everyone should at least know, for those "just incase" situations.

I think i'll be more enthusiastic when i get my dream car.
My Charcoal (Not black, not grey....charcoal lol, im a picky bitch) Mazda RX-7 FC 1990... preferably a right wheel drive... but w`e i just love that car.


Time to go waste about an hour of life until i need to get myself out the dorr and off to work.
Take care!



wuzzyangel said...

Charcoal is a great color! Nothing picky about it!

And there is nothing wrong about getting you license later in life! Hell I didn't get mine till after I graduated HS, and all my friends were freaking out!

Dirt On The Rocks said...

good luck with getting your license. you're right though just for common knowledge just in case something goes on its good to know how to drive :)

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