Wednesday, August 24, 2011

2011 Update + Blog re-start

Hello and long time no see?!

I've been wanting to blog in such a long time, but time just literally has not been on my side. I use to think people who said " There isn't enough time in the day", were being overly dramatic.... but now I see... and apologize to you all haha!

But now, I feel is the most crucial time to start jotting down as much as I can... because some huge life changes are in progress that I really want to share. ( Will be shared in a separate post... don't worry... nothing to do with children!)

But before I get to the good stuff, lets do a condensed recap of the past year... and bit... two years?!

  • On July 17, my best friend that I'm lucky to call my boyfriend, and I hit our 2 years of staying sane together... something we are both thoroughly surprised about... but the challenge is always on :)

  • We moved out and got our own place.. away from that crazy 6 person living arrangement I mention in previous posts... thank goodness... living with other women already tests my nerves... but women who don't know how to clean up after themselves.... don't get me started...
Our current place is awesome; roomy 4 1/2, easy access to public transport, mostly quiet, landlady doesn't bother us, clean, ridiculously friendly and welcoming neighbors... nothing to complain about :)

  • I went back to school! More specifically in a one year intensive vocational program called "Administrative Professional".Absolutely love the program, and with all the skills I've been able to add to my resume... it was worth it... the amount of call backs I get now is incredible... whoda-thunk a diploma would aid in finding a good paying job...
Alas I will be completing my program October 4th... and I. CAN. NOT. WAIT! A lot of sacrifices had to be made on both me and my partner's part... but we made it through, and the experience has shown us how far we can go to stay afloat.
  • My life is somewhat of a zoo. We got a dog on December 26th 2009... yes boxing day... and HE WAS FREE! WHAT A DEAL!... hah I kid! Hes now a soon to be 3 year old ( october 22) red nose, chocolate pitty, named "King"... we totally failed at naming him... he really should of been called "Princess" or "Big Suck"... I'm not joking...
A few of months back we got a kitten... not sure at the moment how old.... I have it written somewhere around here... somewhere in the 5 - 6 months range. His name is Kobe... all black with a white patch hidden under his chin and hes totally my go-to-pet to calm me down when I want to blow up the world. He purrs the second he sees me, coo's and quietly meows... just overall well behaved... but can undoubtedly defend himself while playing with the dogs.

And yes... you read that right; DOGS.

About 3 months ago... we got yet another dog... yes I know...WTH?!
Hes about 4 months now, all white with brindle patches, red/blue nose pitty named Watson. He is all the chaos and uncontrollable cuteness that a puppy is... I swear... sometimes this dog is literally lucky he's cute... the things hes destroyed... the messes I've had to clean... completely trumped by his cuteness...

  • Finally booted that ridiculous " I will not workout to save money" new years resolution.... oh gosh last summer's beach photos... never..NEVER AGAIN!
Of course on a student budget, that required me to still pay rent and bills... there wasn't much place for a one year gym membership. So started working out at home, yoga, buying cheap workout deals on sites like Groupon & Tuango, going to the free classes given at Lululemon... and ZUMBA ( oh gawd I LOVE ZUMBA!!)... I'm in the best shape of my life and loving it.
  • This summer has been amazing... regardless of being in school through most... ALL OF IT! The major highlights are: Went Camping. White water rafting in up to level four rapids! And willingly did two cliff dives.... absolutely exhilarating and TERRIFYING! I swear online group deals, saved my summer.
And for the major events, that about covers it.

As for makeup...
  • It's been almost non existent. Like I mentioned earlier... student budget/no time. So what little makeup I do wear is consistent of eyeliner, mascara and MAAAAAAAAAYBE a little dab of lipstick... but on a day to day basis... nude-nadda-fresh faced. I'm very much into skin care, getting/making/keeping the natural me as clean and clear as possible. But one purchase I did make... cough*Clarisonic* cough... I will definitely dedicate a post solely to just that :)
  • My hair is %100 NA-TU-RAL!... won't go into detail now about that... that's a future post all on its own.

If you have any questions, don't be shy :)
Feels good to be back.


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