Saturday, August 27, 2011

David's Tea "Matcha Matsu"

I love... LOVE tea!
And ever since Davids Tea opened up a store in the mall I work at... my LOVE for tea has turned into somewhat of an addiction.

So for a while now I've wanted to try Matcha green tea, simply based on the fact that I've heard so many good things about it on other blogs. From what I've been told; Matcha is the tea leaf is literally ground up into a powder... so instead of just drinking the steeped leaf flavor, you drinking the actual leaf... so full benefits!

But for some reason I never though to ask at Davids Tea if they sold any. So on Friday I finally asked... and naturally they did... big surprise.

So during my break from work today, I decided to go try "Matcha Matsu".

"In Japanese, “matsu” literally means “pine tree”. But it’s also a term that indicates excellence. This powdered green tea lives up to its name. Quality this high can only be graded as “matsu”. Strong in taste and aroma, and high in antioxidants, it is pure indulgence – perfect for cleansing the palate during a fabulous meal. Whisk it into almost-boiled water and enjoy. "

The woman who helped me out and answered all my questions suggested I had my tea with milk/soy and a sweeter... but seeing as i normally don't add anything to my tea, I asked if I could test it at every step.... which she patiently allowed me to do :)

  • Matcha Matsu straight = Holy crap that was potent!
  • Matcha Matsu with Soy = Not bad, I can handle that :)
  • Matcha Matsu with Soy & Agave nectar = LOVE!!

Despite my already large collection of tea... tomorrow "Matcha Matsu" will be a lovely new addition... without a doubt.

Go try it.


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