Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane Irene

I don't watch Tv... that was a choice I made many years ago... but obviously since that decision I've flat out missed news updates, or was incredibly behind on hearing it.

I'm at home relaxing writing my previous post.... its raining, lights are flickering... and my Facebook feed is flooding with hateful comments towards someone called "Irene". Low and behold "Irene" isn't a person being harassed by internet trolls, "Irene" is a Hurricane!

Of course shes no longer a Hurricane at this point, but now downgraded to a "Tropical storm". None the less, it explains why the trees outside are being pummeled by the wind, to the point it looks as if they may just fall over.

I think I just may wait a bit, before I take my dogs out for their walk.

Stay safe :)


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