Friday, September 9, 2011

School update + congratulatory haul!

So today I got my marks back from school... And i'm officially completed and passed ALL MY CLASSES!!

Next week I start my 75 hour stage / internship.

While I do like the company... And wish I could work there simply due to how easy it is to get there from home... I'M MOVING TO VANCOUVER!!... so I hope the time goes by incredibly fast! Present my stage/internship report and do my presentation to the new students... Then boot it out of Quebec to a whole new life and possibilities!!

So excited!


On $$$ note: I went on a congratulatory haul! Bought myself a new straightening iron ( since my puppy ate my chi iron last month...), and a new heat protectant/ straightening spray!

I loooove the design <3 <3 <3
Red cherry blossoms?

Of course the "Avanti" logo is melting off... As long as the actual design doesn't for a while... I'm content !

Smells so good!! Works very well! And leaves such a gorgeous healthy shine! Love!

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