Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Stage day 1

So started my stage today!

My supervisor was 30 minutes late hah! So much for punctuality...

Anyways after an entire tour of the company, I was surprised with my own office! I thought I was going to be set up with a cubicle in a dark lonely corner next to the men's high traffic washroom... But alas, I was spoiled with a blank canvas office, nothing really extravagant about it:

Generic desk
Computer with an obese monitor.
Comfy computer chair & guest chair
Giant cabinet I probably won't use

I like it!

I get to work in piece with minimal distraction.
Those who do stop by are incredibly nice and welcoming.

I like it here so far. Plus it's nice to finally step out of that endless loop that is retail.

Best of all you basically get to wear what ever you want... Of course I didn't know that.. Tomorrow is another day!

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