Thursday, November 27, 2008


New Channel up on Youtube...
Mini Haul... (exchange)
Happy American thanksgiving

and lots of blah blah blah :)


Mineral Maven said...

okay first off i'm a 'tard... I couldn't understand why there was music playing with your youtube video cuz I couldn't hear you... DUH your music player on the side was playing. anyways loved the youtube vid. i'm still in search of that perfect acne kit so let me know how that one goes cuz I wanna chek it outttt! I've given up on sephora acne kits as of now so I'm just using neutrogena from target lol.

So nailpolishes. I definitely love the blues and the orange and yellow. I love putting metallic-y blues on my toes for some reason. I'm a freak!

As for e/s, just give me some rando idea of what colors are your favorites and I'll make some and send to you :)

Mineral Maven said...

haha I just read your comment again... x-nay on the yellow :) just the blues and the orange or w/e if you're gonna throw them away send my way instead :)